1. Friendship
You are expected to try and get along with your clan mates. The bond of friendship is what holds the clan together. If you have an issue with a clan mate, talk it over with him or get an RTK to mediate.

2. Loyalty
For a clan as old as LC, the importance of loyalty cannot be underestimated. We want people who will be there for the bad times as well as the good..

3. Respect
Respect your enemies, respect your allies and respect yourself.

4. Skill
Throughout the history of the clan there have been outstanding players who have done great service to LC with their skill. All members should strive to reach their own potential.

5. Effort
LC did not reign as the most succesful war clan in the MSN Zone era due to skill alone. Teamwork and meticulous planning proved the foundations for an unequalled record. All members should try their best to contribute to the clan. By constantly improving or helping to train others. By making good suggestions. By recomending the clan to highly skilled players.

6. Tradition
LC has a very proud history. All new members should learn about it and use it as an inspiration as they create their own place in it.

7. Fun
All work and no play makes a clan dull and boring. Joking around and making people feel good is as important to the wellbeing of the clan as is being a great player.

8. Persistence
LC has come to the brink of extinction in the past but as you read this you know that it has risen again from the ashes and always will.

9. Fair Play
Cheating is absolutely forbidden. Expect to be booted instantly if you are found to have hacked or abused the system.

10. Activity
Last but by no means least. Activity doesn't just cover game time. It covers forum posts and time spent with clan members. Not everyone can play 10 hours a day, but everyone can log onto the forums for five minutes to check in.

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